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Why legal weed sucks

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On the first day of legal weed, dispensaries netted $1 million. As a native Coloradan, I still will not buy from a dispensary a majority of the time.

One of my friends from college came down to Denver and bought weed for her first time. Like many other people wanting to buy legal weed, she was excited to be a part of history. Unfortunately for her, she did not know the legal lengths that dispensaries have to go through: such as taxes.

She wanted to get some edibles to have a happy energetic high, but unfortunately a standard of the law that preserves "medicinal" levels of THC prevented her and many other customers from purchasing such items. Instead, she purchased a gram of marijuana, which was priced at around $15. A gram of marijuana in Denver costs around $10, but a gram at this dispensary cost $5 more due to the taxes levied by voters.

It really wasn't much, but bless her soul, she was so happy to finally purchase legal weed; even though I could have bought some down the street for a cheaper price.

Denver is the hub of legal weed right now, boasting an expanding market of recreational marijuana retailers. In this same aspect, it is the hub of all possible extent of control: customers are tracked via a police officer scanning IDs, and seeds are bought with constraints of tracking. If I went down to my "dealer," I could purchase these items without even a slightest question as to what I will do with these products.

Overall, the Denver cannabis industry is fraught with red tape, and as expected, expensive, time-consuming, and incredibly illogical. Tourists of the new cannabis markets have faced the challenge of where they can smoke. Within these restrictions lie an unfortunate matter of proper regulation placed in practice. The progressive movement of legalizing marijuana has now become a matter of totalitarian control of a substance, which is exactly the same as an illicit substance. Legalization of marijuana has come with a price of giving up any means of being able to consume the substance in private.



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