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Selling Your Home: Showings - How to Get Them & How to KEEP Getting Them

Modern Light
Modern Light
Liane Pruchnik

No matter what you live in, whether it is a River North or South Loop loft, a Streeterville condominium, a Gold Coast row home or a Lincoln Park  walk-up, there are things that you can do as the home seller that will help sell your home faster and they are things ONLY YOU CAN DO.

No Realtor can do these things for you. As the home seller  you control more then you think. Read the 4 points below carefully and take them to heart. If your home isn't selling or you need to sell quickly, follow these steps and you'll be on your way to SOLD!

1.  When your Realtor Offers you Staging Advice - Listen To Them. As home sellers you have a lot on your plate already and adding a To-Do-List of home staging recommendations is the last thing you want to add to it, but know that your Realtor wouldn't propose them if their wasn't a reason.

If your Realtor asks you to paint a room, remove excess clothes from the closets, clean up you books shelves or storage space, install a few new light fixtures, it is for a reason. DO IT. They are trying to help you sell your home. They know how a buyer thinks and they know how critically your home is going to be looked at. A buyer and their agent are going to find fault with EVERYTHING they can and should they make an offer on your home they are going to reduce the offer price accordingly. Remember, there are hundreds of properties on the market that are direct competition for you. You have to make the best first impression you can.

2.  Accommodate ALL Showing Requests - No Matter How Inconvenient. Even if you have to get up an hour early or leave the house after dark and it's 20 below out. You may never get that showing request back. When you receive a showing request, accommodate it no matter how inconvenient it may be. (Unless your are ill.) 

You need every eye on your property and in this market you can't tell a buyer to come back. They may decide to write an offer that day on another property - then there is no second chance.

3.  Keep Your Home in Perfect Showing Condition. Yes, it is hard, but really try to clean up after yourself. Put everything back once you've used it. Hang up clothes, put dishes in the dishwasher, not the sink, pick up the toys after the kids have played with them. Once you start doing it - it becomes second nature and you are always ready for the last minute showing requests that pop up!

  Listen Carefully to Showing Feedback.  Request that your agent contact all showings for feedback afterwards.  They should be doing this anyway.   Listen to this information carefully and don't take offense. If they say the the kitchen is too small, look for ways to make it look bigger. Paint it a lighter color, remove table and chairs that are taking up space, clean out the cabinets and remove items from the counters. If they hate the wallpaper that you didn't remove because you love it, tear it down and paint.

If the agent say it's priced to high, review the comparables again and adjust accordingly if necessary. Showing feedback is powerful information. It is the direct opinion from the market and should be listened to carefully. Especially if you are hearing the same comments over and over again.

If you have any questions regarding these suggestions please contact me at  


  • Melissa 5 years ago

    Excellent ideas.

  • Linus 5 years ago

    Thanks Mom :)

  • MyListingFeedback Team 5 years ago

    "4. Listen Carefully to Showing Feedback. Request that your agent contact all showings for feedback afterwards. They should be doing this anyway."

    You should really be using a technology savy Realtor who utilizes an automated showing feedback service like that allows you, the seller, online access to all feedback.

    MyListingFeedback Team

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