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Sellers Home Selling Series Part II: You are Already on the Market

Liane Pruchnik

Part II of my Sellers Home Selling Series is finally here!   You are already listed for sale?  Read on!

Part I of this series is located - Here

11. Dinner Time - Organize the kitchen cabinets in the same manner. Dishes, glasses and bowls neat and tidy. Let buyers see how big your cabinets really are.

12. Paint - Hand-painted silk wallpaper? Dramatic red painted wall. Loose 'em! That is your taste and not the potential home buyers. Paint your home a neutral color palate so buyers can easily see their own furniture and art work in the home. Plus, it is one less thing they will have to do after they move in. Moving is hard enough so buyers appreciate your extra effort.

13. Wash the Windows
- Let in some light. Show off your hardwood floors, your cherry cabinets, your granite counters. Buyers love a light filled home. A sunny home looks bigger and shows better.

14. Turn on the Lights - Update old light fixtures with new ones. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update your home. Most handymen can install them and they are cheaper then a electrician.

15. The Loo - Bathrooms should be clean and smell good. Remove plastic soap dispensers, tooth brushes/holders, hairdryers, shavers, make up, etc. from the counters. I mean all of it. Keep the counters cleaned off save for a hand towel, tissues and a candle. Hide the rest under the sink. Buy a new shower curtain and liner. Empty out the trash.

16. Your Sanctuary - Keep the bed made and dirty clothes in a hamper. Unless you are a child, no stuffed animals on the bed.

17. It's All Business - If you have a home office. Organize it. Papers, pens and files all in their own place. Get the octopus of cords belonging to the printer, computer, shredder and scanner under control

18. I'm Where? - Each room should have a distinct identity. If your home office is also a bedroom or where you keep your exercise equipment make it one of the other but not all three. Don't confuse a buyer about what a room is. Keep it clean, keep it organized and keep it simple.

19. Security - If you have jewelry, checks, personal documents etc. lock them up. Don't be foolish and leave out anything of value or anything that if it is broken you would be devastated. Especially items of a sentimental nature.

20. What was bullet Number 2 again?  Can't remember, click here!

The Spring Real Estate Market is upon us, Chicago. Buyers and Sellers, get busy and take advantage of the busiest time of year and the available tax credit!  

If you have any questions regarding the above or the Chicago real estate market please email me at


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