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Sellers Home Sellers Series Part 1: You are Already on the Market

Liane Pruchnik

To begin my Home Sellers Series I am going to focus on the Chicagoans currently on the market who are struggling to get their home sold.

1. Hire a Realtor - they will market the property, stage it, show it and most importantly, price it.

2. Price the Property Properly - These three P's are so very important in this market. Market dictates price and if your home hasn't sold the first thing you should look at is your price.

3. Timing is Everything - When pricing the property don't look at comparables further back then 6 months.

4. Stay Focused - Going forward, review the market activity in your area or building every two weeks and readjust price accordingly.

Fix It Now - If you know you have major issues with your home whether it is seepage, appliances that don't work, cracks in your drywall. Fix them know and avoid negotiating their repair during the attorney review period or worse, a lower offer because the property looks distressed.

. Be Alert - Look at your home with a critical eye...and nose. Start at the front door and work your way in.

7. Before The Door Opens - Trim your yard, put out flowers, paint the front door, replace outside light bulbs that don't work, remove toys, newspapers and garbage from the front. Live in a condominium? Wash the door to your unit if it is dirty or has scuff marks, remove wreaths, holiday decorations and dirty doormats.

8. I Smell...Nothing - If you smoke or have a pet get cleaning or hire someone to do it for you. Smells linger in carpets so have them professionally clean. The drapes, bedding and furniture too. Place plug in air fresheners unobtrusively throughout the house, light some candles and open some windows. People will judge a home negatively immediately if smells bad.

Purge - Throw out what you don't need and organize the rest. Don't want to donate your treasures? Pack them up and put them in storage in preparation for the move to your new home. Bottom line, the less of your things in the home the easier it for a potential buyer to see THEIR things in it.

10. Organize Closets - Re-hang and refold your belongings so they are neat and tidy. Keep shoes in orderly rows or better yet, buy shoe holders to keep them organized. Buy white plastic hangers and get ride of the wire hangers from the cleaners. These hangers are so inexpensive and give a powerful appearance when a buyer opens your closet doors. And trust me, they will look in your closets.

There are ten more tips awaiting you on Wednesday!  Please stop back for more helpful hints for going from listed to sold in no time.  

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