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Sell your work or 'hit the bricks pal'

Writing requires that you do one thing – write.

You want stories? I can sell you stories. Hell I'll get you a story by 3 o' clock this afternoon...

Being a writer requires that you do two things – write and sell.

If you’re having a hard time selling your work, try talking about your material with someone you trust and whose opinions you respect. A best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, bartender – doesn’t matter.

Just remember - if your confidant tells you ‘it’s perfect!’ when it’s clearly not, then he is doing a disservice to you both.

When practicing your sales skills, it’s often easiest to begin by explaining the basic structure and letting it flow from there. Where’s the inciting incident? What are the obstacles in the way of the protagonists achieving their goal? Do they even achieve their goal? Who’s the funniest character you’ve got? Who plays it straight?

Of course this is easier said than done. But you can’t pitch your stuff to your friends, then you either need to get back to the grindstone or you just need more practice with your hard sell.

Or maybe you just need a swift kick in the mouth from young Alec Baldwin. (See below)

Did you watch it? You back now? Did you put your coffee down yet?

It’s difficult enough to construct a fully developed story and come up with original plot-lines and interesting character interactions. If you need to be scared into selling all that hard work, or coaxed into coming up with successful sales methods, then maybe you just like writing – which is fine.

But for those of you who aren’t intimidated by the prospect of selling your work or hitting the bricks, well, you just might be a writer.

You smooth-talkin’, fast-movin’, multi-taskin’, 21st century scribe, you.


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