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Sell your Trick or Treat Candy to a Dental Office Near You for the Troops

Around November 1st Dental Offices start buying trick or treat candy back from kids.
Around November 1st Dental Offices start buying trick or treat candy back from kids.
Operation Gratitude - Halloween Candy Buy Back

Yes its that time of year again in the dental world - Halloween. Known as one of the highest cavity causing holidays on the calendar. In order to avoid some extended dental visits for your kids you could sell their hard earned trick or treat candy to a participating dental office near you. That dental office will then ship it to the troops overseas. It is called Operation Gratitude.

Most participating dental offices are offering kids $1 per pound of candy if they bring it in to get weighed. The Halloween Candy Buy Back web site has a suggestion of sending other supplies such as toothbrushes and beanie babies along with the candy. If you go to the web site and type in your zip code a list of participating dental offices will pop up. There are many more this year than there were last year so it may be easier to find a Operation Gratitude dental drop off point close by.

Military people are putting their lives on the line and deserve chocolate and Webkinz because it could be their last day on earth. Why should your child have that candy just because they dressed up as a cheesehead Packer fan or fairy princess for Halloween? The soldiers are protecting us from whatever they are protecting us from. In this case they are protecting your kid from getting cavities by taking the candy for themselves and gobbling up all that sugar. The government pays their dental bills anyway. Who pays for your kid's dental visit? Probably not the government - you do with your giant deductible dental insurance. So it all makes sense in the end. Bring in the candy!