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Sell Your Sewing Online

Sell Your Sewing Online
Queen Puff Puff

You've made a lot of tote bags, sewn some quilts and doll clothes, created some heirloom quality baby items, and the stuff is piling up! What do you do with it all? Have you considered selling your creations online? It's actually pretty easy to create an online store and possibly make some money with these wonderful items that you have sewn. There are a lot of online craft malls, some with links but some with store fronts that you can open yourself. It will take a little research so that you can decide which one will work best for you but here are some links so that you can get started.

Under the Rainbow includes some free postings in the mall, craft shows, and gazebo stores. They have a newsletter and screen the entries for authenticity so that you can be sure everything is handmade. Your first 20 postings are free and then you can add more at $2/10 items and ways are provided for you to earn more free posts. The categories are numerous but includes all crafts and handsewn items.

GLC Craft Mall has four store plans. There is a Basic Store in which you can list up to 12 items for free, a good way to test the waters, so to speak. The Basic Plus gives you 100 items for $3.50 per month, Semi Pro Store includes 250 items for $6.95 per month, and the Pro Store is unlimited items for $12.00 a month. You will receive your own web address which will be submitted to major search engines and this site also features many types of crafts and handmade items.

One of the better known online craft stores is Etsy and this site has a .20 per items listing fee and a 3.5% transaction fee. Here is where you will have to do the math and see which type of fees will be better for you. That will depend on the amount of items that you sew and the volume of sales each month. Etsy has a lot of online support, as do the other sites, but Etsy is a name that quite often comes to mind for crafters so that seems to be a plus factor.

Another way to open a store is through Ebay. They have a Basic store for $19.95 per month and this includes 150 free insertions per month. There is a .20 insertion fee for fixed price items and many other features that are included. You will receive 15 custom pages and sales management tools, and one huge advantage is that Ebay is worldwide. Many of the craft malls are also but Ebay has a presence that outruns most of them.

One other popular site is Artfire which has two membership levels. There is the Basic which is free with a 10 item limit and the Verified Account, which is running a special for $7.00 per month with no item fees. There are no commissions or fees for either store level.

If you have a lot of time and like to do research, go to Artsy Shark where you will find listings for 250 places that artist's can sell online. This is for all types of art and has stores in other countries as well as USA and has links for blogs, websites, inspiration, and marketing. It is a very informative site and you may find links for art that you never thought you could sell online.

This is just a small gathering of sites and information for you. The important thing is to look at what you have sewn, decide if the quality is good enough to sell, (and be honest!), and then decide which mall is the best for your needs. All have basically the same features and all require either a Paypal account of some other type of account for taking payments. It's a great way to see if you have what it takes to sell from your own store, and it may lead to your own website down the road, as you gain followers. It's a lot to think about but have confidence in yourself and your skills. You also might find that somewhere down the road, you can quit your day job and sew to your heart's content!

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