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Sell your home for "Zero" commission

When you sell your home, it always hurts to see how much goes to real estate commission. Sure they brought you the buyer, but what if you could have done it by yourself? But, isn’t a broker needed to get your house listed on the MLS?

Not with Homevana

There’s a new service called Homevana that’s starting to upset the time-honored old tradition of real estate listings. Now you can sign up on line and do an entire listing and sale, without paying a dime in commission.

See how it works in this video.

Basically, the commission is paid in affiliate fees they collect when and if you need additional services. The example in the video shows a moving company that maybe you would like to retain. The moving company pays them to advertise and then probably gives them a little more should you click on their link.

They also offer a list of services that you may or may not need, but they allow you to select them a la carte and pay only for what you need. Some of the typical services offered to date include:

· Photos

· Virtual tours

· Exterior appraisals

· Interior and exterior appraisals

· For Sale signs

· Lock boxes for your door

When offers come in, they come through Homevana so you can review them privately, with no salesmen trying to get you to “sign on the dotted line.”

It won’t be for everyone, and they appear to only operate on the west coast at present, but it’s certainly an interesting new option in real estate sales.

For more info, check their website at Or contact customer service at 619-376-1439. You can also email at

Doug Bardwell writes about interesting new real estate projects, construction and grand openings across the country and around the world. Feel free to drop him a line at with suggestions for future stories. To get his stories delivered to your inbox, click the RSS feed or the "Subscribe" button above or follow him on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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