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Selfies head lice: Can you get head lice from taking selfies?

Does taking selfies increase the spread of head lice? That seems to be a serious topic of conversation that has even been addressed on TV (did you catch this week's "Modern Family"?). On Feb. 28, My Fox Phoenix reported that some experts believe that getting close to someone while taking a photo -- particularly a "selfie" -- can cause head lice to spread from one person to the next with ease.

"It's very contagious, as it spreads from hair strand to hair strand... the way they attach themselves they just crawl on the hair strand and if there's another hair strand then they would cross over," said Kim Pickens, the owner of a lice removal company (via My Fox Phoenix).

Selfies and head lice have become more of a concern for some people because yes, head lice has spread from people getting too close and their hair touching. However, selfies aren't increasing the amount of head lice cases by alarming numbers. Two people sharing a bed, even if it's just while doing school work or reading books, can spread head lice just the same.

Of course there are precautions that people can take to avoid getting lice -- not sharing hair brushes and using hair spray can certainly help -- however, discontinuing taking selfies isn't really going to stop the spread... but if you know that someone has head lice, don't take a selfie with them unless you're willing to take a chance.

More on selfies and head lice in the video above.

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