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Selfie video was a life saver mini stroke

Stacey Yepe 49 went to the hospital not feeling well. Her face was frozen, her speech was slurred and the left side of her body went numb while she was driving. She went to the emergency room. That was in April, and the test which was done said it was all clear and nothing was wrong with Stacey.

Selfie video was a life saver mini stroke

The doctors sent her home saying it was just stress

“The sensation is happening again. It’s all tingling on the left side.” Stacey pulled over to the side of the rode and took a mini video to show everyone what was happening to her, a mini-stroke. So this time when the symptoms began Stacey took a selfie so she would have proof that something was indeed wrong.

After going to Mount Sanai Hospital in Toronto Stacey was referred to the stroke centre

In the years of treating stroke patients doctors had never before heard of anyone video-taping their ischemic episode. A patient had really found a way to tell her doctors what was happening to her, and the doctors were touched.

Yepes had an MRI

  1. Weakness, sudden loss of strength, or numbness in limbs, face or side.
  2. Trouble talking, even if only for a short time.
  3. Vision problems, blurriness even if for a short time.
  4. Headache, sudden or severe.
  5. Dizziness or loss of balance, especially when showing up with any of the above signs of stroke.

Doctors say it is important to call 911 quickly

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