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Selfie Summer

I thought I'd try out the selfie apps that promise to give you that natural photo shopped look without well looking like you've been photoshopped. I selfie, you selfie we all selfie.

Beauty Plus Selfie
Alina Braverman

Generally I found these apps only work well with full face close up, not if you're part of a scene or have a hat on.

First one I tried was Beauty Plus, popular in Asia. I'm pale to begin with but holey crap I now look like a ghost with this app. Even my hair is lightened. It has some interesting features such as acne removal, slimming, eye enlargement and brightness. The filters on this app are very nice however, giving a subtle glow to the selfie. Hawaiian Tropic needs to make a beauty app that makes you tan!

Second one was the Selfie app which even allows you to enhance your eye color. By enhance they mean make the eye color bleed into your water line and lid. This app is more like a makeup app which if you chose to pay for the premium features, you can add eyelashes, eyeliner and shadow. If the eye coloring feature is any indication, you'll have eyelashes coming out your eyeballs, hot! You can also whiten your teeth and shape your lips and slim your face. This did not look so great on me as it elongated my face and gave me disproportionately huge eyes, it made me look alien, as in area 54 alien.

Lastly I tried the Aviary app with which you can make your own memes if you chose to. This app had less features than the others and it's whitening feature wasn't as harsh. It has some funky filters that just didn't work for me as they gave me blue highlights more than filtering the photo. This app had a large selection of frames as well to put around the selfie. In case there's a virtual museum of selfies somewhere.

Overall I think I will just stick to Instagram filters at most. These apps are time consuming and you'd have to use them consistently as I'm sure people would notice your alien like features that change colors every day. Who knows the alien, ghost look maybe a thing :)

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