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Selfie posted on Facebook leads to shoplifting arrest

Danielle Saxon, on the right, was arrested for shoplifting after posting selfie with this dress on Facebook.

Danielle Saxon, a 27-year-old woman, was arrested earlier this month after an outfit of clothing she allegedly stole was posted on Facebook by Saxon in the form of a selfie. In fact, she posted several poses of herself wearing the dress reportedly stolen. Quite incredibly, the Illinois woman was arrested for shoplifting clothing as well as jewelry after she posted a photo of herself wearing the allegedly stolen dress on the social media website. According to NBC News, Saxton was arrested by the West Frankfort, Illinois police.

As the story goes, Gay Morton – who is a co-owner of a store named Morties Boutique found out about the selfie posted on Facebook from an Internet user on July 11. The owners had already posted about the theft on their own Facebook page when persons responded that they had seen the stolen dress on the Internet. When one of the owners learned of the selfie sporting his stolen goods, he contacted the West Frankfort police. After the report of the odd circumstances, the woman donning the alleged stolen goods on Facebook was charged with theft under $500. Saxon was also charged with failure to appear in court on an unrelated pre-existing warrant, according to John Hampton of the West Frankfort Police Department.

Morton, who is the store’s owner, asserted that she installed security cameras in her shop. She did so in May because of potential shoplifting taking place at her business. She said that she thought shoplifting was going on. The shop owner admitted that even though she thought it was happening in her business, she simply could not catch anyone robbing her. Morton runs the shop with her son. Besides the store, Morties Boutique, Morton and her son own a real estate company in West Frankfort. The theft involving Saxton – the Facebook user – was the second such incident of shoplifting at Morties Boutique, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Morties Boutique is located in West Frankfort’s downtown. The town is located in Franklin County and has a population of some 8,100 people. The town is part of the Lakeland are in Illinois.

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