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2014 Winter Olympics

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Selfie fail: Move over Costas, this is now the most famous eye at the Olympics

Bryan Wood / Twitter
Bryan Wood / Twitter
A Sochi selfie fail of Olympic proportions!

The Sochi Olympics have had plenty of strange moments, including tweets of Olympians busting through their bathroom doors, getting stuck in elevators and taking hot Epsom soaks in garbage cans. And then there are quirky but adorable moments like this one – the social media anointed “Sochi grandma,” who can’t quite get the orientation on her digital camera correct.

According to NBC News on Sunday, the unnamed woman was attempting to take a photo with her point-and-shoot camera at Thursday's Russia – Slovenia men's hockey game.

In the process, she evidently took the most famous “selfie” at the games, without even knowing it. Her lack of tech proficiency is making for fodder the world round. The pic, now carrying the #sochiselfie hashtag, has been re-tweeted tens of thousands of times.

The photo was originally tweeted out by Bryan Wood:

A woman attempting to take a picture at a hockey game in Sochi today. This may be one of my favorite pics ever. – Bryan Wood @bryanwx

The elderly woman certainly has an eye for photography, but rumor has it that Bob Costas, whose left eye has been the only “eye” talk of the games (his infected eye actually has its own Twitter handle now), is getting a little jealous that we now have a new eyeball to discuss. spoke to Wood about his now-famous tweet:

“The neatest thing was waking up the next morning and seeing replies in all types of languages. You could trace the timing to the sun rising across new time zones and I could almost see people waking up and seeing it on their feed,” he said.

Wood thinks the photo caught fire because we’ve either all done it or have older relatives who have “struggled with a new-to-them technology at some point.”

While some Twitter users called the photo an “old person joke,” Wood defended the picture.

“I actually think it’s cute. I will get old & do those things. I will laugh at myself 'cuz I have a sense of humor,” he tweeted.

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