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Self-service experience - the changing dynamics of customer service

Self service is one of the new trends that is becoming popular with customers, or, the want to resolve issues and inquiries themselves.
Self service is one of the new trends that is becoming popular with customers, or, the want to resolve issues and inquiries themselves.

With the changing trends of customer service in the sector, self service has emerged as one of the most popular trends being opted for by customers. The want to resolve issues and inquiries themselves.

According to statistics, around 72% of the customer market opts for self-service compared to other means of resolving their problems, like calling a company or making contact via email. But a report states that only around 52% of the client market is actually able to find any relevant information about the issue for which they seek a solution.

As customer preferences are changing, it is important to ensure that your company is able to meet their needs, and allow them resolve their issues or questions the way they want.

Most customers have been known to abandon an online service center, regardless of how enticing the background and features are, if they do not offer information in accordance with the customer demands. A company needs to ensure that they provide their customers acute knowledge, as well as a pleasant customer journey, through updated and informational content.

Following are some steps to help you create a rewarding and highly successful self-service experience for your clients.

Periodic Evaluation Of Content

It is very important to ensure a periodic review of the content uploaded on your website and anywhere else on the internet, as most articles have an expiry date and are liable to become outdated after a period of time.

As product specifications, requirements, details and offered features and benefits change over time, it becomes necessary to evaluate the written content and update it to the latest requirements for maximum effectiveness.

Improvement Of Knowledge Articles

You need to know if the content and information you have created and uploaded for the assistance of your clients is helpful or not. Include a rating option with each article to gauge your target market’s satisfaction with the provided content, and to ensure whether the article is engaging and informative as per client’s needs or not.

Ensure Compatibility With Multiple Device Types

It is very important to make sure that your customer support center is compatible with a variety of different devices, making it convenient for the target market to easily access the site and browse it to efficiently handle their needs.

A support center which can be simply accessed by a number of devices is sure to ensure client satisfaction, as they would be able to retrieve all kinds of informational content about a product or service offering anytime and anywhere they want.

Keep Customer Journey Stage In Mind

It is an important necessity to ensure that your support center is designed keeping the customer journey and pathway in mind. It is significant to make sure that the layout of the system ensures easy access to the required information, without any trouble to the client.

A customer, who would experience difficulty in gaining access to a knowledgeable article to resolve their questions about a service offering, is sure to remain dissatisfied, posing a great risk of switching over to a competitor.

Therefore, it is important to ensure a satisfactory support centre service experience to convert potential clients into loyal customers.

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