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Self-Protection: Why you should, and how to do it

One of my sisters was given a small urn containing some of her mother-in-law's ashes. The ashes are sitting on my sister's china cabinet, which belonged to her grandparents. They're there because my sister says her grandparents will protect her from the mother-in-law.

Without going into details, let's just say the mother-in-law was a real nasty woman. Knock the ashes off the china cabinet is what I say... by accident of course.

This situation brings up the importance of protecting oneself. I didn't understand this until my mid-thirties. That's late in a life though so I've begun teaching my daughters how to do it while they're young.

People used to tell me that I gave my power away to others but I didn't really know what it meant. What I know now is that I depended on other people to tell me what to do, to tell me if I was good or bad, to tell me if I was right or wrong.

I think to some degree we all depend on outside affirmation from others. There are those of you that may disagree and you are the strong ones, you are the ones that we all aspire to be like. But for most people I know, even the very strong ones, to some degree is a feeling that we need others to tell us we're OK.

Before I learned how to protect myself I was a sitting duck. I had several hellish experiences that forced me to learn this skill.

How did I do it? A couple things. Firstly I had to grow myself. I had to figure out who I am - who I really am - who my soul is. Once that began happening, I had to value myself and the gifts I bring and share. I had to grow my self-confidence.

I had to appreciate and value myself enough to feel worthy of protection in the first place.

Then I asked for help. Two generous friends, Wendy and Tangrae, did beautiful crystal healings on me, gave me salt and black crystals to put around my home. Others gave me sage to smudge myself and the rooms in my house with. Friends did prayers for me, sent love out. It was a lot of work but every day healed me a little more.

I recently learned a very powerful technique that I use several times every day. I can't remember who I heard suggest this - John Holland maybe - but he said to imagine a giant hand up in the sky - God's hand - with it's palm towards me and a giant beam of light shining down, surrounding and protecting me. Now I walk around all cast in this beautiful light and it's magnificent. I ask God to shine his light on the people I love and sometimes I do it for strangers.

I've imagined that light on my sister and have also asked God to wrap the china cabinet up in a kind of bubble so the mother-in-law's energy doesn't penetrate that house. I still think it would be best to get those ashes out of there though.

Anyways, the point is that I'm worth being protected. I walk in my own integrity and know in my gut that it's right and good. I ask for protection all the time and I receive it.

Blessings and Protection to you, Trish

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