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Self-made Katrina, Obama creating crises then demanding Republicans pay

Obama's "closed border" is being flooded with children that his border patrol agents are babysitting rather than sending home. Agents are locking out the public as diseases run rampant in their facilities.
Congressman Henry Cuellar

The current border crisis of Central Americans dumping off their children on the border didn’t just happen accidentally, but was planned. Barack Obama is a man-made disaster of an order of magnitude never before seen in America. Democrats and their lapdog media are finding that their herculean effort to color Obama gold is in vain. Their golden boy’s opaque administration of America is becoming so transparent that he’s nothing more than a dirty, yellow-bellied, no good, low down pretender that he has earned his place as the worst president in our lifetimes.

Eight years of smearing President Bush with mud that is being washed away Obama’s nature is made more and more evident. As Obama and the Democrats create one crisis after another, and then blame Republicans for not jumping on their bandwagon of solutions – solutions which always cost the taxpayer more billions of dollars, people are waking up. Everything Democrats do, every bill they pass from banking to immigration, even those that they “reached across the aisle” to Republicans in the nineties are all designed to wreak havoc on Americans and cost taxpayers more.

This Great Recession, while blamed on Bush and Reaganomics, is the direct result of Democrat policies initiated with the help of moderate Republicans who could be duped. Democrats in power use their position to suck the wealth out of the nation, and when they are not in power they use their guile to sucker moderates into supporting them. Today’s voters are the result of saying, “its only fair that everyone should vote,” but even Benjamin Franklin warned of the dangers of democracy.

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.” – Benjamin Franklin

And the taxpayer is the lamb. This perfectly describes conservatives caught between moderates and liberals.


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