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Self-Destructive Sunshine For Mid-Week(but it stays dry)

Climate report for Tuesday
Climate report for Tuesday
Scott Derek

Tuesday started off sunny, but then as we reached our convective temperature(the estimated temperature that the surface must reach in order for clouds to develop) the clouds took over the sky and it became just partly sunny. It held temperatures back as the high was just 76 at Philadelphia International Airport this afternoon(the average high is 87) after a low of 64(average low is 70). Although there was plenty of cloudiness there were no showers EXCEPT for across extreme southwestern New Jersey along the Delaware Bay just after sunset.

A series of short waves will continue to pinwheel across the region and providing clouds in the afternoon

Overnight will remain partly cloudy with lows around 60(middle and upper 50s in the Pine Barrens as well as north and western suburbs); For Wednesday we still have high pressure on top of us so we will start off sunny, but once we reach the convective temperature the atmosphere will "self destruct" with those fair weather cumulus clouds due to a series of short wave pinwheeling around the Great Lakes region. Highs will be in the lower 80s with a westerly wind around 10mph shifting to the southeast by the afternoon(so there will be a sea breeze along the coast with temperatures at the shore in the 70s). After an overnight low once again around 60 it will be deja vu on Thursday with highs once again into the lower 80s.

Come Friday the cold front that's been hanging out offshore retrogrades a bit closer to the coast, but it's not until Saturday morning that we may see some showers or thunderstorms (especially along the coast) with highs in the middle to upper 80s. We'll clear out by Sunday afternoon with highs remaining in the middle 80s.

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