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Self-Deportation chances in Arkansas improve

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The Arkansas Congress now has a Republican in place of a Beebe puppet Democrat. On Tuesday January 14th, Conservative John Cooper defeated liberal Steve Rockwell in Arkansas Senate District 21, which has never been Republican and was vacated by Paul Bookout after corruption charges. Although the private option was the main issue, Cooper also stated his opposition to illegal immigration.

Just like the Primary Elections, John Cooper was outspent in terms of money. Rockwell had over $230,000 while Cooper had around $70,000. The nearly 15% victory was made in large part by door 2 door activism from conservatives like myself who oppose giving a path to legal status or magnet to illegal aliens. I’m glad to have helped in this effort and look forward to working with John Cooper & other conservatives to pass self-deportation laws in the Arkansas Congress

Here's an example of John Cooper campaigning against illegal immigration long before the special election:


An update on how the media manipulates the public on illegal immigration:


While Veterans are struggling due to financial cuts, supporters of illegal immigration in the United States Congress see fit to not only bail out corrupt 3rd world governments, but to advertise for food stamps in the 3rd world. This is yet another example of the Federal Government has seceding it's authority on immigration and why states like Arkansas must past self-deportation legislation.


Congress is back in session and as usual, there will be lobbying for and against illegal immigration. Although I disagree with NumbersUSA on issues like E-Verify, they do have a useful tool for getting involved.