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Self-defense singles might “kick-start” romances at Kim Soo Karate

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Self-defense mixer introduces beginners to marshal-arts defense at Kim So Karate in Houston
Self-defense mixer introduces beginners to marshal-arts defense at Kim So Karate in Houston
photos by Marc Pembroke
Kim Chiang demonstrates resisting gun attack to beginner class
photo by Marc Pembroke

On Saturday, Dec 21, Kim Soo Karate teamed up with Millionaire Matchmaker Amber Neal to sponsor a unique way to help about 36 young singles learn important self-defense skills while exercising and meeting new friends in a safe environment.

According to Ms. Neal, part of the concern is a fear of those who try on-line dating. What happens if the person you agreed to meet turns out to be psychopath or serial killer?

The group that gathered at the Kim Soo Karate studio at 1740 Jacquelyn Dr reflected Houston's ethnic and professional diversity, ranging from a first experience with Martial Arts to a Tae Kwan Do instructor. Of all the options for the first course, drills on resisting gun attacks was the favorite.

Sean Kim, owner of the studio, lead the sample class beginning with traditional Korean oaths to maintain discipline and respect and to refrain from violent behavior. Then on to warm ups, falling drills, balance, kicking cardboards held by partners, and shouts to focus energy and respiration,

As a simple example, the students learned how to resist an unarmed choker.

Finally, Sean Kim distributed toy wooden guns to the group and each took turns being the would-be aggressor and the potential victim. He showed different approaches depending if the gun was pointed to the back of the head or the front, and alternative followup moves for overpowering and disarming the attacker.

As an unexpected treat, Kim Soo, Sean Kim's father and the founder of the studio made an unplanned visit. He had recently returned from a 6 month teaching tour in Korea. Father and Son treated the group to an expert demonstration of self-defense tactics.

It's still too early to tell how many will follow up with a longer course or how many romances were sparked, but the entire group expressed a great deal of satisfaction with the experience, so similar self-defense mixers are bound to become a popular option for first dates.

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