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Self-contained plastic organizing system

Prep & Serve Storage System
Prep & Serve Storage System
Robert J Wiebel

Melbourne, FL – August 7, 2014 – I get loads of requests and press releases on new products for the outdoor adventurer all the time. Many of these requests never get my attention for one reason or another. But just the other day I received a tickler from Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC. One of their clients, Marjorie Weir, has a product being rolled out on Kickstarter. You know Kickstarter is the website where people with great ideas can get funding for their projects. I love Kickstarter. I have been known to help projects that I believed were really innovative and just down right cool.

Marjorie Weir is trying to raise $55,000 to take her product to market using Kickstarter. So what are we talking about? The product is a called the “Prep & Serve”. It is a Self-contained plastic organizing system that allows one to put many different food items in one sealed plastic container using separated nesting plastic boxes. I know, you are saying what is new about another as seen on TV plastic container set. Plastic containers with lids are not new, but I like modular nesting plastic boxes where you can mix and match different box sizes. The outside container and the interior boxes are made in the USA and are BPA free! The boxes also snap in place when inserted into the outside container.

I can see a few of these in my refrigerator and in my pantry. But I really need to have a few of these in my garage. I have a need right now to organize my screws, nuts, bolts and nails box. As a kayak angler, I use plastic tackle trays in my tackle bags. This organizing system is light years ahead of the trays with removable plastic dividers. I hate those dividers. Over time they never fit in the slots in the tray. In my mind, the “Prep & Serve” is a multi-functional organizing system on a small scale that can fit into you tackle bag, backpack or under the seat in your car.

I hope that Marjorie Weir, the creative designer of the “Prep & Serve” reaches her goal and gets the “Prep & Serve” to market. Remember that with the “Prep & Serve” you can seal up to 12 separate items under ONE LID and store all 12 items in ONE Box!
So if you like innovation, please visit the “Prep & Serve” website and their Kickstarter page to help them out.

Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

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