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Self-branding - good or bad?

Self branding - good or bad
Self branding - good or bad

Branding actually refers to the art of capturing attention through a strategy of building an image, logo, and consumer recognition of the product or service you wish to market. But today in Atlantic City and elsewhere we are using this method to brand ourselves by creating an image that we wish to portray in the job market. Basically, how would you develop yourself as if you were a product or service – including the colors and fonts you choose on your resume and how well you emphasize your accomplishments and personal skills.

Most recruiters will only glance at a resume in 15 to 30 seconds – What can you market about yourself that will capture their attention?

Positive connotation of self-branding:

Self-branding can be used as a positive tool for those who are in the early stages of developing and understanding what their current skills are, and to identify their future goals. By creating a parallel between advertising ourselves in the job selection process, analyzing the current industry needs that you are applying to, and branding your resume as a marketable product and/or service.

The biggest thing you need to remember on your resume is that your name is acting as the consumer recognition in branding (logo). From here ask yourself, “How do you want to create a name for yourself?”

If everything your logo (name) appears on what does that say to a recruiter? Your keywords that stand behind your logo are your accomplishments, attributes, skills, and experience. Remember, this should be unique to you and not merely a copied job description of tasks pasted on your resume.

Negative connotation of self-branding:

Self-branding also has a negative connotation because it emphasizes that we are turning ourselves into a single product or item where the human element no longer exists. Meaning our knowledge and skills, even though unique to us, can be traded and exchanged at any time for any reason or cause (employment at will).

The question:

Is the way we use self-branding changing the way corporations and recruiters view ourselves, as a product or service that can be easily exchangeable or tradable in the job market? Are we now only a product that lacks the human element or is self-branding a positive way we can create a name for ourselves?



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