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Selena Gomez wants Justin Bieber to learn anger management

The affair between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has been the "most-watched affair" between a young couple in Hollywood for awhile. The highly publicized romantic nature of their recent reunion made it appear as if perhaps an engagement was in the works. Than came the egg throwing scandal and raid on Bieber's home. Gomez has been upset by the allegations of egg tossing at a neighbors home by Bieber and has urged him to take anger management classes, reported the Latin Post on Jan. 16, 2014.

 Selena Gomez performs onstage in Boston, MA.
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Perhaps Gomez has jumped the gun assuming Bieber is guilty in the egg throwing fiasco due to the press hype which in some instances has him convicted without any confessions or actual evidence coming in as of this time. Still, Gomez seems to think their relationship will not work out well for the future unless Bieber takes anger management classes. She says she is just an old fashioned southern girl at heart and wants her boyfriend to please always be very polite.

Gomez really does want Bieber to get some help for his anger issues after the egg scandal in his exclusive California neighborhood made headlines, reports Entertainment Wise. Rumors are strong the couple has been rekindling their romance and the police raid yesterday on Bieber's luxury Calabasas home has shaken Gomez up. She has told Bieber, "no romance without new manners."

Well, actually Gomez appears to be a pretty good girlfriend for Bieber, whose advice could help him out of a legal mess. Only right wing fanatics really want him in jail over some eggs, and that's if he threw them. If in fact there was excessive property damage from this alleged incident, as claimed by the neighbor, and if Bieber is found responsible for this, he's fortunate that even $100,000 would not be too much for him to settle in cash for the damages and perhaps the neighbor would accept something like this as a settlement. However, if he's pulled before a judge it could get mean and any court orders for psychiatric intervention could clearly hurt Bieber due to how destructive and painful psychiatric intervention really is.

With Gomez serving as a character witness with feelings Bieber is really a nice guy who just has some anger issues, perhaps Bieber and his lawyer could convince a judge that he will be just fine with some natural interventions aimed as stress management, such as meditation, yoga, good home cooked food, some ginseng and green tea with some vitamin supplements, a nice vacation in the islands, perhaps on Maui, some swimming and sunshine, and some good companionship with Gomez. It would be sad to see Bieber fed to the hungry psychiatrists who would rip him and his life apart for the profits, as they do to everyone. He would have a better chance for a full recovery from whatever anger issues he may have, and with his future, evading great white sharks in the sparkling blue tropical waters off of Hawaii.

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