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Selena Gomez shorts spark debate: Hot garb vs. trashy attire for wholesome star

Selena Gomez turns heads and raises eyebrows in shorts.

Selena Gomez disappointed many of her fans this week when she was seen walking in a parking lot wearing a very trashy looking pair of shorts that actually had her butt cheeks exposed. Does this risque and out-of-the-norm presentation for Selena have to anything to do with Justin’s blow out in Spain with Orlando Bloom over Miranda Kerr?

It is almost as if Selena has resolved herself to thinking, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” When it comes to getting negative media attention about presentation, she managed to do this today wearing those tacky pair of shorts in the public.
Daily Times NG on July 31 suggests that Selena is “revenge dressing for Justin Bieber” in these shorts. They too say “this isn’t the Selena Gomez we used to know.”

E Online suggests that Selena is conveying some type of message with that mode of dress. People commenting on their article suggest that Selena appears to want to cheapened herself walking around in this attire. Justin went from originally dressing like college student when he first arrived on the scene to a gangsta-style mode of dress he seems to sport today. Is Selena following her soul mate's footsteps?

You can check out the latest look for Selena here on Perez Hilton's website. It is disappointing to many to see Selena go so far off her norm and many believe it is due to Justin Bieber's latest tiff with Bloom over Kerr. Maybe while his attention is turned to Miranda Kerr, Selena may want to show him two can play at that game?

Selena, who is usually the “girl next door” in every aspect of the term, looked as if she was one step away from a street walker in those shorts. Is she showing the love of her life that she too can stoop to that level? While E Online suggests that she might be telling Bieber to kiss her butt, this look is just too grungy and risque for the traditional Selena Gomez.

For those of you who haven’t heard about Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at Bieber, it really did happen when the two ran into each other in a nightclub in Spain. The crowd cheered Bloom on even though he didn’t make contact, they loved the fact that he made an attempt to pop Justin Bieber.

It was Bieber’s wise cracks about Bloom’s estranged wife, Miranda Kerr, that is said to have put Bloom in the fighting mode. Bieber’s infatuation with Kerr has been known for a while now since he was seen flirting with her at an event a few years back.

Is Selena trying to show Bieber that she too is worth fighting for or is she trying to drop that nice girl image so people won’t be so harsh on her when she’s seen with Bieber? Something has drastically changed for Selena to dress like this in public.

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