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Selena Gomez stuck on same page, but attempting new chapter with Justin Bieber?

Selen Gomez gets a ring from Justin Bieber?
Selen Gomez gets a ring from Justin Bieber?
Photo by Steve Jennings

Selena Gomez is flanked by engagement rumors today after being seen on a few recent occasions wearing a gold band that is reportedly a gift from Justin Bieber. With Selena back together with Justin again, many wonder what he will do next to send her packing, but the insider said they are very serious this time around.

According to MSN Wonderwall on March 31, Selena has been around the tabloids long enough to know that a ring on that finger will spark engagement rumors. Right now she lacks support from her family and close friends about her rekindling her relationship with Justin Bieber. She appears to be stuck on the same old page, while attempting a new chapter with Bieber.

Selena Gomez home when guy comes to her door, breaks into guesthouse

When Selena accepted the award for Favorite Female Singer at the “Kid’s Choice Awards,” she was wearing the ring. She also posted an Instagram picture of herself wearing the ring. While a gold band is not the traditional engagement ring, can you imagine the flack she would get for wearing an engagement ring from Bieber?

It would stand to reason that if she is promising to marry the overgrown spoiled rich kid one day that she would chose to wear a ring that is unassuming. She would have to if she wanted to avoid the massive blowback she would get from family, friends, fans and the media.

Selena was just served court papers to appear in one of Justin Bieber’s court cases. This one is for the photographer he allegedly attacked outside his house. Where other women are getting flowers and candy, Selena gets served with court papers. Can’t she see that Bieber is anything but a good catch?

Selena Gomez served in Justin Bieber case: Love turns embarrassing for Selena?

When she does go to court for this case, Selena might be asked some very embarrassing questions. She will have to answer them straight forward and honestly since she will be under oath. They could ask her if she’s ever witnessed Bieber partake in drug use. They could also ask a somewhat detailed explanation of their relationship.

This could prove to be very embarrassing for Selena. She still hangs in there with Bieber though, like she doesn’t see any of this.

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