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Selena Gomez spotted with Orlando Bloom: Are they more than friends?

Selena Gomez
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Selena Gomez has been making headlines recently with her off and on relationship with Justin Bieber. Recently she was photographed at Coachella with the Jenner girls having a great time. This week though, it looks like everything in Gomez's life changed. According to an April 27 report from Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez was spotted getting cozy with Orlando Bloom. The two made an appearance together at the We Day California Conference. Rumors are swirling that Justin Bieber was less than pleased when he found out Gomez was hanging with pal Orlando Bloom.

The relationship with Justin Bieber has been rocky for Selena Gomez. She went from being a wholesome teen star to a party girl. Gomez has lost friends over her continued relationship with Bieber. Taylor Swift ended their friendship and replaced Gomez with Lorde after she went back to Bieber this last time. It appears that there is nothing that Gomez won't do to be with Bieber, even if it costs her friends.

Selena Gomez began to hang out with Kendall and Kylie Jenner and was even photographed with the ladies two weeks ago. It looked like everyone was having fun and that the new friendship was something Gomez had been missing. According to reports, Gomez unfollowed the Jenner girls on Instagram in order to cleanse her life and move on. Whether or not this is a publicity stunt or an actual effort remains to be seen.

While it looked like Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez may have been getting close, it appears the two are just friends. Gomez has been living in the Hollywood spotlight for most of her teenage and young adult life and it has taken a toll on her. Earlier this year she did a two-week rehab stint for unknown reasons. Fans are hoping that Gomez will keep her distance from Justin Bieber but it is unlikely.

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