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Selena Gomez snubbed by Swift and Lavato, urged to return to rehab

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been BFFs for years, but a new photo from the Fourth of July holiday weekend reveals a different story about their relationship. While Selena Gomez remained back in L.A., an Instagram photo Taylor Swift posted on Sunday showed her partying with her new family of friends while on vacation at her mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island. And that family did not include Selena, according to Hollywood Life on July 6.

Selena Gomez was noticeably absent from Taylor Swift's July 4th holiday party at her Rhode Island mansion, after also having a very public falling out with pal Demi Lavato.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez's family and friends are urging the 21-year-old singer to return to rehab, as she continues to cancel tour dates and dabble with former bad-boy boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena's close friends and family are concerned, and pushing her towards re-entering rehab after the singer and actress began showing signs of stress once again, according to Daily Digest News.

Taylor Swift, 24, loves throwing parties for her friends, and this holiday weekend was no different. In the Instagram pic she posted, it looks like Taylor invited her BFFs to a girl's getaway in Rhode Island. Emma Stone, Lena Dunham and Jaime King are part of the all-girl posse, but noticeably absent is Selena Gomez.

Another rift seems to have broken out between Gomez and longtime friend Demi Lavato recently. Demi suggested she was fed up with the Justin Bieber drama and supposedly tweeted a nasty "bye b**tch" prior to unfollowing her. The tweet was swiftly deleted, but screengrabs of it continue to circulate over the Web.

Taylor has been making many new girlfriends during the last few months, as her friendship with Selena appears to be spiraling further downward. Rumors are that at the core of the problems is Gomez' continuing dalliances with her former boyfriend Justin Bieber.

In the party pic seen here, it's clear that Taylor and Emma are closer than ever, having only known each other for a fraction of the time Swift was pals with Selena. Further proof perhaps that Taylor and Gomez are drifting apart.

And back to the rehab rumors for Selena, earlier this year she spent two weeks at the Dawn of the Meadows treatment facility located in Wickenburg, Arizona. Gomez was reportedly treated for extreme stress and anxiety.

But her initial rehab stint was kept a closely guarded secret. And her reps appeared to disclose information about her rehab trip in order to combat rumors of Gomez’s alleged substance abuse.

Of course being constantly linked with 20-year-old Justin Bieber doesn't help dis-spell rumors of drug use, as he continues to have run-ins with the law over alleged drug abuse.

What do you think about Selena being noticeably absent from Taylor's "family" vacation? Do you think Selena's friendships with Taylor and Demi are done for good, or just going through a rough patch?

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