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Selena Gomez morphs into Justin Bieber antics? Cops at her house for loud party

Selena Gomez is fraternizing with Justin Bieber once again and after a day of hanging out with the man-child, she brought the party back to her house and the police were called. A neighbor called local law enforcement after the music got so loud that it was "rattling his windows," reports Yahoo TV News on June 19.

Selena Gomez is back with Justin Bieber and cops were called to her house because of a loud party. Is she morphing into his lifestyle? Say it isn't so!

You would think that this lovely young lady would know by now that the old saying "when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas" holds some truth. Is Bieber's wild lifestyle rubbing off on the former Disney kid? It sounds like this might be the case from what her friends are saying.

It seems that Selena spent Tuesday riding around on the back of Justin Bieber's bike before heading over to the L.A. hotspot, Bootsy Bellows. They met up with friends and moved the party back to her place. That is when it got loud, too loud for the neighbors in her quiet gated community, reports TMZ.

Police came out and asked that the music get turned down and officers report they immediately did so. The folks at Selena's house were respectful and the police left saying that although the music was loud, the party was just a small one.

The police responded to the complaint called in by a neighbor at around 10:30 p.m. and the Lost Hills Police Department reported it was only a loud music complaint and the people contacted "were cooperative and turned the music down."

Apparently there was no wild scene that officers had to break up, just some close friends playing some loud music. Selena took to social media to post a picture of Tuesday night's party as if she was proving how low-keyed this really was.

On her Instagram account on Wednesday, Selena posted a picture of friends around a piano. This black and white picture had the caption that read: "Tacos, live music and candles. Such a beautiful night with beautiful people."

The picture doesn't offer much, you cannot tell who those friends or "beautiful people" are. It looks as if the picture was taken from a balcony within Selena's house looking down on a room with a white piano.

The "beautiful people" appear to be sitting along the sides of the room, all you can see of them is from the knee down. It appears they are listening to the guy on the piano and two other men who appear to be standing in front of microphones.

While this looks like a very low-keyed party, Selena might be taking a career risk by hanging out with Bieber again. He has got that bad boy image that he worked so hard to achieve and he is not the boy wonder anymore.

Selena has taken her career to new heights with hard work and dedication and it would be a shame to see her throw all that away for these periodic interludes with her former boyfriend. His reputation could very well rub off on this former Disney kid if she is in his company for too long.

When Bieber first started walking down the path of trouble, fans were fairly forgiving. Now that he is older, his antics are not considered cute anymore. He's not a nice neighbor as he and his friends have raced his cars up and down his quiet gated community and he has had some foul language to say to his neighbors. He acts as if the neighborhood was lucky to have him.

Bieber has had a few clashes with random people in the last few years and his language and behavior have been less than stellar. One could only hope that this is not the reputation that Selena wants for herself. After a while people tend to associate you with the company you keep.

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