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Selena Gomez increases home security while posting cryptic messages to Instagram

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Selena Gomez has become one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. This starlet has come a long way since her first days on Disney. However, with fame comes fans, and it is an unfortunate fact of life that every celebrity has a few crazed fans. Not surprisingly, Selena is taking measures to ensure she is safe in her new multimillion dollar home. A Tuesday story by TMZ reports that Selena Gomez is spending a small fortunate upgrading the security for her home.

Selena’s decision is likely a response to her numerous encounters with stalkers and other crazed fans. In fact, just a few days after she moved into the $3 million estate, a crazed fan broke into the property while Selena was home. This must have been an extremely traumatizing experience for the actress.

Interestingly, improving her home security is not the only problem that Selena has experienced recently. A Tuesday story by E! Online reveals that Selena Gomez has been posting a series of cryptic messages and images to her Instagram account. In addition to posting a moody selfie, Selena has been posting cryptic lyrics from some of her famous singers. From Amy Winehouse to Mary J Blige, she has been channeling her musical inspirations.

In addition to posting these cryptic message. Selena Gomez has also unfollowed everyone she was following on the social sharing site. Currently, it is not known what has caused her odd behavior on the social networking site. However, she has been spotted enjoying nights out on the town with some of her famous friends, and she appeared to be in good spirits.

It is an unfortunate fact that many celebrities have to spend significant amounts of money on security. Without this security, it would be possible for crazed fans to caused bodily injury to these superstars. Were you shocked to learn the Selena Gomez’s home was not properly fortitude against intruders?