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Selena Gomez First Appearance Since Lupus disease Rumors

Happy and Healthy
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The 21 year old singer/actress, Selena Gomez, is one former Disney star that seemed to be mature at a respectable manner. However, late last year things didn't look so good for the young starlet; she had a very public on again, off again romance with pop sing Justin Bieber, drop the F-bomb during a concert and canceled her Australian tour to "spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be." Then there were rumor of that the star was battling Lupus, a disease that can damage major aparts of the body.

Since the start of the year, Gomez has been keeping a low-profile besides being seen in some Instgrama photo with ex-Justin Bieber she has done a good job staying out of the spotlight. Still she came out to the Sundance Film Festival support her film "Rudderless." She was all smiles and attendees stated that she looked happy and healthy.

She even talked about the differences between working in film and music. "If I can be very honest, I think music is very vain and it tends to be about one person all the time," she said. "When you are welcomed into a project with people who are all there to do something to make it great, there's something you get out of that that you can't get out of music.

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