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Selena Gomez dishes on ‘Rudderless’ at Sundance Film Festival

Selena Gomez was on tour and had a big commitment to another film, but she still found time to star in “Rudderless.” According to Just Jared on Monday the star took the traditional Sundance portraits for the press. Joined by co-stars Billy Crudup and William H. Macy, the three stars made a point to talk up the film and share the moment with the fans.

Selena Gomez joins William H Macy, Billy Crudup for interview and portraits at Sundance Film Festival 2014
Larry Busacca/Getty Images
Selena - Rudderless at Sundance 2014
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

“Rudderless” is about a grieving father and his search to better understand his son. Finding box of his recently deceased son’s demo tapes and lyrics, the moment helps shift his life from the depression he was feeling. Stunned by the discovery of this unknown talent, the father forms a band and out of the sadness starts something completely new.

“It was fun, it was. There was a lot of heavy stuff,” said Selena Gomez about her parts on “Rudderless.” The star seemed very content about her portion of the film as it was minor compared to the other actors. “And the rest of the guys in the movie were really great. Very funny and very musical.”

Selena’s latest role once again shatters the typical characters she has played in the past. Offering a look at an entirely different type of film, the star has pushed he boundaries of what some might feel is a typical performance.

Will Selena Gomez’s fans appreciate her latest roll? While her younger fans might not like the movie’s heavy storyline, the star seems to have everyone’s attention when it comes to her performance.

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