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Selena Gomez cuts out of rehab after just 2 weeks

Selena Gomez cuts out of rehab after just two weeks because she claims she's "cured."
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation

On Feb. 6 Perez Hilton shares that after Selena Gomez discreetly checked herself into rehab for her pot and alcohol addiction, she has checked out after just two weeks claiming that she finished the program after just two weeks.

Selena claims that she finished her treatment during the first week she was in the Arizona rehab facility and she is now good to never go back again. Miss Gomez cut out early so she could go to the Sundance Film Festival to promote her movie "Rudderless." Despite the medical team advising her to complete the six week program, Selena claimed that she was good and didn't need to because she was cured.

Many find this behavior disturbing as it seems to be the catching trend of young stars, in and out of rehab and not really fully embracing their demons and facing them head on. Many stars seem to think that rehab is just a joke and don't give it their all just to end up right back there within months.

Selena canceled her "Stars Dance" tour early so that she could go to rehab only to find out that she wasn't really going to participate and claims she's been cured. Never in the history of rehab goers has any alcoholic been cured within a two week period. Many battle alcoholism every day of their lives whether they pick up a drink or not.

What do you think of Selena Gomez' dropping out of rehab early?

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