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Selena Gomez caught between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is still very much the “it” girl who everyone wants to hang out with. Swift and Selena Gomez have been best friends for years, but lately things have gotten a little sour. With all the trouble Justin Bieber has found himself in, Swift worries about Gomez getting back together with him. According to a March 11 report from Entertainmentwise, with the rekindling of the romance with Justin Bieber happening, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez may part ways. Swift has been quite vocal about her distaste for Bieber, but making Gomez choose between her best friend and boyfriend may backfire in a big way.

Just last weekend it was reported that Selena Gomez could be reuniting with the troubled Justin Bieber. While Taylor Swift is out hanging out with her newest bff Lorde, Gomez probably has been thinking about Bieber a lot. Now that Gomez is back on tour, things will be hectic for a while. Lorde was heard dissing Selena Gomez in an interview and the fact that Swift is hanging out with her gets to Gomez. Will something like this be the downfall of a friendship that has been so beneficial and strong for such a long time?

Selena Gomez is in a tough position with an ultimatum like Taylor Swift gave her. Whether she chooses Justin Bieber or Swift, she is being put in an unfair place. Hopefully the two will remain friends and not allow other people like Bieber and Lorde to ruin a friendship.

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