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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Selena's family worried over Justin involvement

Selena Gomez’s relationship with Justin Bieber is getting under her family’s skin and they are worried about their bright, vivacious and talented Selena getting wrapped up with Bieber again. Justin’s recent leaked deposition tapes have pretty much turned even the most forgiving of souls into someone calling this overgrown kid obnoxious today.

Selena Gomez's family and friends are devastated to see her hang out with Justin Bieber again.

According to MSN Wonderwall on March 12, Selena is not only hearing disparaging words about her relationship with Bieber from her family, but from Taylor Swift too. Selena and Taylor are great friends but Taylor is about to throw in the towel because she can’t stand watching her friend with this guy anymore. He does nothing but drag her down. She is "disgusted" over Selena's choice to rekindle the flame with him.

Some worry that all this disapproval of Bieber will turn him into the forbidden fruit for Selena, but she is just too smart to not see what a bad piece of fruit he’s become. Her past love is rancid and she needs to move away from him and quickly.

A close source revealed that Selena had picked Bieber over her family once before and her father has asked her again to stay away from him. Will she abide by his wishes. She has to realize that these requests are coming from people who love her.

Bieber is not only coming apart at the seams, but he has the overwhelming sense of his importance to the world. He is convinced that the deposition was a setup with the “odd question” so it could be “leaked.” He said that the clips released happen about four and a half hours into the deposition.

He actually thinks that these legal proceedings were created to get him on camera answering crazy questions so that it can be released and make him look ridiculous.

He doesn't need another living soul to make him look ridiculous these days. Justin Bieber does a fine job of doing this all by himself. He thinks he is a victim of this deposition tape leak, whether he is or isn’t, this tape gave the world a chance to see just how arrogant this YouTube wonder from Canada has become. It also has many parents sympathizing with Selena's family, no one would want their daughter to bring someone like Bieber home to meet the family!

As far as Selena, she can do so much better and hopefully she will see the dead end that she’d experience if she hooks up with Bieber again. As quick as he rose to stardom, this can reverse and he may soon be finding his name in the headlines less and less until the day a new generation asks, Justin who?

He certainly isn't doing anything these days that people would want to see more of. How sad that the swishy hair kid's head has become so obnoxious that at times you find yourself feeling embarrassed for him. Does he realize how he looks to the public? Why doesn't someone from his camp get this kid some help?

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