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Selecting wines for your cellar in Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Part 2

Continuing on with building and selecting wines for your wine cellar, here are some other considerations to take into account.

Cellar bottles
Chte Le Bonnes

The Cost Factor

Another consideration is cost. A $10 to $15 bottle of wine is usually a "drink now" styled wine. Cellar worthy bottles are an investment; therefore, you need to be able to set aside $20 to $50 (or more) for a bottle. It is an investment in your future wine enjoyment. You will be less likely to open a bottle too soon if you have made at least a moderate cash out lay. Think of it as having "everyday wines" that you purchase to drink now, versus "cellar wines", the ones you will save for special tastings, events, gifts and meals. If at all possible, purchase two bottles and drink one within the next several months making wine notes that you can keep and compare when opening the second bottle. It will be interesting for you to see how your wine tasting abilities grow over time, and how the second bottle aged when compared to the first.


Growing conditions and climate have a huge impact on grapes. To understand what vintages (year the grape was harvested) are better and more cellar worthy than others, pick up a vintage chart. With a vintage chart you will be able to note what years, or vintages, will provide better, more cellar worthy bottles.
Now you have a spot for your cellar picked out, you've put some thought into how much money you want to invest, and you have your vintage chart. Are you ready to begin selecting some cellar wines? With a bit of studying, you can select and seek out that first bottle for your cellar.

The Green Bay and Fox Valley areas have many selections from which to choose when selecting a bottle for your cellar. See the January 6th, 2010 article for tips on asking for help at the local merchants stores. 



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