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Selecting the right rose for your landscape

Roses add beautiful color and fragrance to landscapes
Roses add beautiful color and fragrance to landscapes

Roses are an ancient flower, native to many areas including Iowa, and ever-evolving. Between old varieties and new hybrids, there are over 2,000 different rose varieties out there.

With that many varieties to choose from, how do you know what to pick for your landscaping?

First of all, the basics: buy only healthy plants from the nursery, and buy disease-resistant varieties. Never buy a plant that is damaged, diseased, or dying. Buying healthy plants gets you off to a good start, and buying disease-resistant varieties will save you headaches later on.

When selecting roses, pay attention to the mature size of the plant. Roses come in almost any size you can imagine, from tiny miniature bushes measuring only 10 inches high, to climbers that can reach 30 feet in length. Choose the size that will fit best into your landscaping.

Roses come in many colors ranging from white to pale yellow, lively pink to blood red. Think about the flower color as it stands against the siding of your house, or the one color that is missing from the rest of your landscaping. Or just take the easy way and choose a plant that blooms in your favorite shade of yellow.

Don’t forget to consider the length of time the plant will be in bloom. Some old varieties have only one flush of blooms each year, while some newer varieties continuously bloom throughout the season.

A well-chosen rose will add beautiful color and fragrance to your landscape for years to come. Try Country Landscapes in Ames for a good selection of healthy roses.


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