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Selecting the perfect Thanksgiving wine to serve

Riesling wine is the most versatile wine for food pairing.
Riesling wine is the most versatile wine for food pairing.

When the time comes in selecting the perfect wine to serve with the Thanksgiving meal, keep it simple and choose a wine with the versatility to go from appetizer through to dessert. And this is when Riesling, touted as perhaps the most accommodating wine for food pairing, really stands out. Whether it’s a hearty meal, lighter fare or even spicy cuisine, no other wine has gained the reputation as the all-around ‘go to’ wine for its food friendly character. Riesling’s warm flavors of apple, pear, apricot, and honey along with its clarifying acidity make it a perfect holiday choice for the likes of turkey, yams, herb stuffing and pumpkin pie.
Although Rieslings are usually labeled as light and refreshing, don’t underestimate the complexity of this wine. They can range from incredibly sweet to bone dry and everywhere in between, sure to please anyone’s preference. A highly aromatic wine with a fruity bouquet mixed with delicate floral undertones, the palate generally reflects on orchard fruits along with hints of citrus and tropical fruits and a well-rounded finish. Also known to be distinctive by a particular mineral aroma and flavor, Riesling grapes tend to pick up character from their native soils further adding to their uniqueness.
Michigan has made its mark in recent years for becoming a leader in award-winning Rieslings. Several wineries from around the state have taken home gold, silver and even double-gold medals for their outstanding vintage. This is particularly true in northern Michigan where the wineries share the same latitude, the 45th parallel, as they do in Germany, the Riesling masters. The lake-effect climate is excellent for allowing the cold-hardy Riesling vines to thrive. Besides being an excellent mainstream wine for holiday dinners, Riesling also makes sparkling wines and extraordinary dessert Ice wines. Visit an area winery or local fine wine shop to see what they have to offer. You can feel confident serving your guests this remarkable wine.
To get information about Michigan wine trails and their wineries, visit my article Discover Michigan’s wine trails. Winery websites will show most have holiday wines available for not only Thanksgiving but through New Year's.