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Selection of Palin enemy Nicolle Wallace for 'The View' creates media firestorm

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NBC News noted on Thursday that former McCain campaign staffer Nicolle Wallace has been hired, along with actress Rosie Perez, to appear on The View, the long running show that features an all-female panel interviewing guests and discussing issues of the day. The selection has created something of a media firestorm because of the controversy surrounding Wallace and her relationship with Sarah Palin, who was McCain’s vice presidential running mate. The reaction has broken down on partisan lines.

Breitbart Big Hollywood reported that Wallace blamed Palin for the failure of the McCain campaign, suggesting that she did so to cover up her own failures. Wallace was one of the sources for the book “Game Change” which became an HBO movie that depicted Palin as a kind of psychobimbo. The version of events and Palin’s character depicted in “Game Change” has been hotly disputed by a number of eye witnesses, including Senator McCain himself.

On the other hand, the left leaning Aintitcool reacted to the news with glee, noting the rumors that Palin herself had been campaigning for a position on “The View.” Wallace has written a novel that is a fictionalized version of her experiences on the McCain campaign that focuses on a mentally ill vice presidential candidate said to be modeled on Palin. Wallace is currently a frequent member of the panel of “Morning Joe,” the MSNBC show featuring the left leaving former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough.

Wallace has apparently been selected to occupy the “conservative” slot once graced by Elizabeth Hasselbeck who has since moved on to Fox News. There is the natural suspicion that she owes her new job due to her vendetta against Palin and the fact that she was so “loyal” to McCain that she refused to vote for him in the end, despite the fact that she was in his employ. Palin, who is a contributor on the highly rated Fox News Channel, has thus far not be available to comment.