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Selby- An Orlando band with an international sound

Selby Lead Singer Banhz
See Selby at the Rock for Hunger Benefit on the 14th!

With sophisticated melodies and thoughtful lyrics, Selby, fronted by lead guitarist and singer Bahnz, explore the spectrum of ambient rock like no other in
Orlando.  Originally from
Baltimore, the band made the move to our lovely city to get a new cultural point of view.  Bahnz even told me that he and the band decided to move to
Orlando based on our reputation of having a close-knit artistic community.   I for one am glad that they made the move.  Orlando, who has a strong indie rock or even an indie punk scene, could use the calm and non-aggressive music of Selby.

And although I use the words calm and non-aggressive, they are by no means passive or soft like today’s piano rock bands like The Fray or
OneRepublic.  In fact, I wouldn’t even compare them to those bands.  Their focus is dominated by an exploration of interesting and unique sounds.  When on stage, their sound is so enormous that one might think that they have been in a stadium watching bands like Smashing Pumpkins or Pink Floyd.

Selby at The Haven!
Selby at The Haven! 

Although Bahnz’ lyrics are attentive and acute, the music could exist without them.  Their imaginative and vibrant continuum of sounds leaves listeners to think they are in a vacuum where only good music exists.  One of Selby’s songs on their set list is in fact an instrumental.  And as I stated, within my own mind, I was taken away by their big and colossal reverberation of sound.

Not only does Selby have the song amplitude of the elite talented, but they also have the ability to actually play their instruments on a level most may never achieve.  With J*Dub, Siah (bass and rhythmic guitars) and J*Bowers (who is an absolute monster on percussion) protecting the song with strong yet acute rhythm, Banhz accentuates and enhances the compositions with an almost abstract clairvoyant ability to hit the notes on the guitar without thinking.

See Selby at the Rock for Hunger Benefit!
See Selby at The BackBooth on the 15th!

I don’t usually get overwhelmed with excitement before a show, but Selby has the ability to do that to you.  Make sure to see them live when they are playing near you, or even when they are not.  Their next show in Orlando will be on the 14th and 15th for the Rock for Hunger Benefit Concert and for a show at BackBooth.  Make sure to check their MySpace Page for any changes.  I can’t wait until this band gets more recognition, so make sure you do your part, because I strongly recommend their music.  Well, as I always say; that’s me.  Make up your own mind! Peace!!!