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Seize the day Pink Himalayan Salt

It’s pink and formed naturally within the earth, so why don’t more people use it? Pink Himalayan Salt is spirit medicine as well as body medicine. Avoiding salt is misinformation there have been attempts to get the public to avoid salt for years as unnecessary in our life. With most of the sea salt producers also refining the native beauty of the sea, it’s not as healthy as it used to be.

The reality is the processed and manufactured salt in artificial flavorings in manufactured foods is the death of the public, not natural salt. It’s the excessive heating of this natural wonder that does the damage. Sodium chloride is what’s left over after the natural salt is cleaned and heated, something completely foreign to the body. This type of “salt” is in almost everything we eat, and it is this product that is detrimental to the health of the human body.

  • It tends our soul’s wounds The divine substance is a major rub used for centuries that also promotes health pre-refrigeration. It’s vital for our: nervous system and brain function,
  • adrenals,
  • digestion,
  • regulates pH balance and the body’s water table,
  • supports respiratory health,
  • sinus health,
  • prevents muscle cramps,
  • promotes bone strength,
  • regulates and promotes natural sleep,
  • supports libido,
  • promotes vascular health.

The sweet-salt goodness Pink Himalayan salt is loaded with 84 essential minerals from the earth the body so badly needs. When you eat regular table salt you are doing your body no good. Pink Himalayan Salt is stored under tectonic pressure for 250 million years. It is hand-mined and hand-washed and the highest grade of natural salt. The pink salt itself is immune to electromagnetic fields.

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