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SEIU aka"purple people beaters" endorse Boutin, McCarthy, Carson and Sapareto

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?
With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?
Photo by Kimberly Morin

Today the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) announced their endorsements of candidates in New Hampshire political races. Oddly, a few of the races are NH Senate races and Republican candidates. It doesn’t come as a surprise really since all of the candidates they endorse are anti-worker freedom aka anti-Right to Work. These same Republican candidates have received money from the Teamsters as recently reported.

The SEIU is the same organization that forced unionization of home health aides and daycare workers in various states (including Massachusetts) due to their ties with elected officials (typically Democrats). Will Boutin, McCarthy, Carson and Sapareto do the same thing as they have with Right to Work and vote against their constituents? There is no way the SEIU (or any other union for that matter) would endorse a candidate unless they believe they will get something out of it. Historically, unions back Democrats 98% of the time. It’s disturbing that they are backing supposed “conservative” Republicans in New Hampshire.

This is the union organization that was accused of beating up Kenneth Gladney for being a black man selling flags at a town hall event a few years ago. Free speech isn’t a strong point with unions. The SEIU are so well-known for their bullying and thug tactics they’ve earned a spot in the “Urban Dictionary”:

Purple People Beaters
SEIU members who dress in purple shirts and are paid and bussed to various locations to shout down and beat up people with views that oppose what they are told to think.

While Carson does not have a primary opponent, Boutin, McCarthy and Sapareto all do. Jane Cormier is running against Boutin in District 16; Kevin Avard running against McCarthy in District 12 and Regina Birdsell who is running against Sapareto in District 19.

The primary election is next Tuesday and it’s important to get all the facts about candidates’ voting records out there. With endorsements like these, it should make every Republican or Conservative Independent stop and think. New Hampshire would be at a great advantage if Right to Work was passed. Boutin, McCarthy, Carson and Sapareto are Republicans who would stop it in the Senate.

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