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'Seinfeld' reunion promised 'very, very soon': Buzz hints to Super Bowl 2014?

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A “Seinfeld” reunion is happening “very, very soon” claims Jerry Seinfeld. The social media was buzzing after the actors from the show were seen together at the iconic Tom’s Restaurant, which was their favorite restaurant in the “Seinfeld” show.

According to the Huffington Post on Jan. 31, Jerry Seinfeld appeared on a radio show and promised a “Seinfeld” reunion, which will be “short-ish,” said the one-of-a-kind funny man. “Fox and Friends” live on Friday morning suggested that the reunion might have something to do with the Super Bowl this Sunday.

The reunion is described by Jerry as something that involves the “Seinfeld” cast and while it is “short-ish” it will be longer than 60 seconds. He also said it was a “one-and-done” thing which involves Larry David.

This top secret reunion has “Seinfeld” fans chomping at the bit, as the show was one of the favorites for the baby boomers. The show has spawned so many sayings that are still referred to today like George Costanza’s “Festivus” which is his celebration instead of Christmas. '

There were so many one liners and word dubs that came out of "Seinfeld" that stuck for good. Remember “The dingo ate your baby,” which is from a movie, but it was Elaine that spawned the saying for the main stream. “In the vault” which is the “Seinfeld” characters' equivalent of carrying a secret to their death. The list goes on and on! What about George's "shrinkage?"