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Sega CD: Panic review


A virus has attacked the Computer Network Server, and is spreading to all devices on the planet. A piece of software called "Panic" has been created to destroy the virus. It's up to you, a ten year old kid and his dog, to make your way through the CNS and unleash the Panic software on the virus. Then, after dealing with're off to see what you can do about the Blaster Worm...


What's it all about?
It's not so much a game as it is a constant, non-stop barrage of visual pranks and jokes. At each of the increasingly weirder scenarios you are presented with a set of buttons you can press. Some contain exits to take you to a new scenario, some contain traps(that will destroy a famous monument or building), but most contain a really, really odd event. Upon pressing the button, you are greeted with an annoying one to three second load, then you get to see what your choice has brought you. Using memorization, or just dumb luck, you try to make your way through over 120 rooms to the lair of the virus in an attempt to stop it.

Graphics - Excellent! Though not a whole lot of the Sega CD/Genesis' special effects are put into play, the amount of detail, and size of the sprites, not to mention the multiple things they do, are just incredible.

Sound - Hilarious. The homemade sound effects and campy music score are an absolute riot. The guys who made this one had a blast doing so and you can tell. I guarantee that you'll get a lot of laughs out of it.

Control - Solid...then again, all you really do is move the cursor to the button you want to press, hit it and that's it. Even if, for some reason, you find that the controller is unacceptable, this game supports the Mega either way, you're covered.

AI - Nonexistent. You hit buttons, stuff happens...that's about it. The only real thing working against you would be you'll forget which buttons you've pressed time after time.

Replay value - High. With over 120 rooms and God-only-knows how many pranks, you'll probably be playing this one over and over...and over again.

Tips for better gaming experiences:
As much fun as it is to blindly keep hitting buttons left and right, eventually you'll get caught doing the same scenes over and over. Try to keep track of what you've done, and where it's lead you. Also, SAVE OFTEN. There are rooms in the game, represented by a skull and crossbones on the map, that, if entered, WILL START YOUR ENTIRE GAME OVER. You hit one of these just *once*, without saving...and lose every bit of progress you've made...I don't even want to go into it, just save your game often!

Rating: 88(out of 100) - A great game for *anyone*. The humor in it can be enjoyed by all, and the challenge of remembering what you've done and where it's lead you can get everyone into it. Losing points only to the annoying load times before each event and the loops you can easily get caught in, this is an experience that *every* Sega CD owner needs to have under their belt.

 The amusement about people on the toilet continues.  Fill'er up...spit'er out.
 Bad mower!  Why Ecco for the 32X was *really* cancelled...

Gameplay Videos:

Description: For some reason, the emulator I was using simply wouldn't show the first three or four seconds of the video to this intro(though you can still hear the music playing, oddly enough). You miss one small skit, sorry about that. Anyway, I *love* the use of the homemade voice samples in the musical piece, it's just so very good!

For more info: 
Publisher: Data East
Developer: Data East
Size: 1 CD
Memory Usage: 4 blocks
No. of players: 1