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SEGA brings 'Dragon Coins' to US

Have you ever thought to yourself, "What would it be like if 'Pokémon' was combined with the classic arcade coin dozer game?" OK, probably not; however, the creator of "Dragon Coins,” thought just that and it turned out to be a massive success in Japan. Today, SEGA announced they’re bringing that hit to a global audience with the launch of “Dragon Coins” on both Android and iOS devices.

Screenshots of "Dragon Coins"
SEGA Networks Inc.
Out now for iOS and Android

In “Dragon Coins,” players take on battles with groups of monsters who they collect, train, and develop over time. A combination of evolving and “fusing” monsters leads to exciting combinations and hundreds of potential monsters to build into a strategic team. Monsters have unique special abilities, varying stats and appearances, and can be swapped and traded with friends to offer tactical advantages. Playing along with friends is also a huge aspect of the game, as players can pick a friend to take along on battles, earning additional bonus coins for the players.

The entire combat system is based around the classic “coin dozer” arcade games. Players tap on the screen to drop coins in an attempt to collect them in special drop-zones, representative of the monsters in the party. When enough coins are collect, the monster unleashes an attack. However, if the player drops too many coins, their enemy has the chance to attack back. Special coins, power-ups, and bonus items can be collected throughout the game as well.

Two extremely familiar concepts have been uniquely and brilliantly mashed up to create “Dragon Coins.” It’s easy enough for anyone to pick up and play, incredibly addicting, and yet deep and diverse enough for players who really want to indulge in the strategic RPG play. Coin placements can actually effect the gameplay in extreme ways, meaning there is significant strategy behind where you you’re your money. However, even if you’re not deeply invested in the gameplay, it still creates a nice mini-game for those who are addicted to the mindless and limitless coin-dozer games.



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