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SeeSpace InAir

SeeSpace InAir

There are a lot of different websites to show you the next up and coming technology, and however some crowd funding websites such as and will show you some of the most cutting edge ideas of how to implement existing technology.

Every month or two there are amazing idea’s to improve your life, bring you a step closer to technological idea’s you saw in the movies from your childhood, or reinvent an existing technology. Every idea has its worth, but this month the InAir augmented reality television device by SeeSpace is an eye catcher.

Using a 3D television the InAir will create layers in the air in front of you, which can be manipulated by a phone or with hand gestures using the Kinect. While it’s a far cry from the computer in Minority Report or even the holographic imagine machine on ABC’s Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, but it’s a step in an amazing direction.

Using a patented recognition system to figure out what you are watching then it will pull up relevant content in the air. You can read and see more while never taking your eyes away from what you are watching.

The InAir will work with standard (2D) and 3D televisions, of course with a standard television it will not pop out, rather it will push back the programing to bring up the rest of what you want to read.

The campaign for the InAir ends on March 8th 2014 at 12pm PST. You can view more about the InAir funding campaign and about SeeSpace, on