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SEEN Global brings international style ITP

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Sitting in a shared conference room, an innocent grin spreads across the face of well traveled entrepreneur Natalie Battles as she talks about her fair trade accessories brand, SEEN Global. In under two years Battles has taken her passion for travel, culture and fashion and turned it into a brand that is not only adding authentic tribal flair to the jewelry boxes of girls who barely travel OTP but has also dispelled a few misconceptions about the developing world along the way.

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“Our ethnic and tribal designs are made by trained artisans who are entrepreneurs like I am.” There are no sad stories of disenfranchised youth making beads in huts to survive attached to the beautifully, unique pieces that the Atlanta based designer sources from some of her favorite places to visit. Whether it’s a a pair of earrings from Peru or a set of beaded bracelets from Kenya, these items are more about infusing your wardrobe with authentic tribal style than jumping on a political bandwagon. “I want girls to buy my pieces because they love them and have to have them, oh and by the way they are made by international artists from different cultures and are fair trade.”

By focusing on the fashion and upholding high standards when sourcing her pieces--SEEN Global would never feature something you can get in a heavily trafficked tourist area made under less than savory circumstances--Battles has positioned her brand as the perfect go to for those of us whose busy lives barely allow for trips out of the state let alone out of the country. The fact that each piece not only infuses your wardrobe with authentic tribal style made by hand using natural materials and traditional techniques but is also socially responsible, ensures that SEEN Global’s accessories will live in your wardrobe for years to come.

SEEN Global's ethically sourced, tribal and ethnic pieces can be found at 5 Continents in Buckhead and on their website.