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Seeking your next fitness retreat across the globe

Yoga In The City
Yoga In The City
Photo by Mario Tama

Staying fit and traveling often time do not go hand in hand. However, if your purpose for traveling is to stay fit, then it's a win-win situation. Yoga retreats, fitness bootcamps, running, hiking... the options are endless to travel for fitness.

The question is where to find out about these travel opportunities to stay fit. We have listed 3 options to satisfy your fitness needs while traveling.

Abundant Journeys

If you are a fitness instructor or gym owner, you can create your own retreat for loyal followers to join you on your quest to stay healthy and fit. Head off to Hawaii or Costa Rica for a long weekend full of hiking, beach workouts and more.

Seek Retreats

Not interested in starting your own retreat. Yet you want to join a retreat already setup with a savvy leader? Visit Seek Retreat. It is an wonderful site full of yoga retreats all over the world from Bali to Bonaire. Search the site to find a retreat in the destination that inspires you and sign up. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Retreats Online

Similar to Seek Retreat, Retreats Online is a directory of retreats worldwide. You can search for a retreat by Date, Location and Subject to find something that meets your travel and fitness needs.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of lounging by the pool sipping delicious concoctions made by the resort's staff only to find that you have gained 6 lbs by the time you arrive back home. Even if you do not join a retreat or create one of your own, make sure to mind your temple even when you are traveling. Hit the beach for a long stroll, visit the resorts gym for a quick 20 minute workout each morning, flush your body with plenty of water throughout the day. Traveling does not have to diminish a health lifestyle. Staying fit and traveling should be kindred spirits.


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