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Seeking our joy

     Living in a joyous state allows us to move through our harder issues with happiness and understanding. By evoking our inner joy – this is a joy that stands unaffected by anything else and is inside all of us – we can go through the most tremendous times with ease and comfort; we can dance with our troubles. With our inner joy as our guide there is no need to run from hardship, or cringe at sadness, or feel defeated by our pain, we can simple move into experiencing these issues with a loving, open heart. Knowing where to find our inner joy and how to hold that joy present in each moment is the key to successful living.

     First, the process of discovering inner joy must be undertaking. Then, once we know where to find this joy, we can grow in connecting with it and continuously summoning it to meet all occasions. To allow our individual inner joy to surface we may all need to go through different changes, yet the path leads inward for each one of us. We will have to take different routes to this unremitting joy because we have all had different experiences and troubles and we have all attached different negative thoughts to our unique circumstances. The beauty of the work we will undertake – and it is work – is that it is not in vain: The joy exists. All we need to do is move and shift and release and forgive and grow to a point where there is nothing left to block the awesomeness of our Divine Self from shining through. This Divine Self will show up as joy – unceasing, uninhibited joy.

     If we want to be happy (I mean we really choose to be happy), we will be willing to do the work that it takes to see the truth about ourselves. This seeing what we really are is not always easy and/or comfortable work, but it pays in dividends far beyond estimate. Our subtraction process can start today (the process of discovering our joy is a process of subtraction). We must remove all the things within ourselves that block us off from being a channel of joy: We can put down all those resentments; we can let go of all our fear; we can be rid of all everyone else’s fear; we can lay to rest all those past hurts; we can drop all our defenses. But in order to make this shift we must LOOK at ourselves. We must sit and examine all the hurt, the resentment, the sorrow, and the fear and then, and only then, may we decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. We can shine brightly in the glory of what we truly are once we drop all that we are truly not.

     There is a difference between saying “I want to be happy” and doing the work that it takes in order to be free enough to actually BE happy. So seek your joy and know that as you are seeking it your joy is also seeking you.


(Let your Inner Divinity guide you)


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