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Seeking job satisfaction? Try these tips

Job satisfaction doesn't just depend on if you can relate to the people you work with. You need an opportunity to grow in a job that provides you will options for the future. You also need the chance to take ownership of your workplace achievements and the chance to do work that fulfills you.

So what are the factors that determine job satisfaction?

  1. High quality leadership practices and relationships with coworkers/management
  2. Recognition and advancement
  3. Personal and professional growth
  4. Feedback and support
  5. Clear direction and objectives
  6. Chance to accomplish goals

What causes job dissatisfaction?

  1. Poor pay, compensations, work conditions, or benefits
  2. Lack of promotions or job security
  3. Continual pressure from management

Job satisfaction depends on your attitude as well. Is your job just a job, a career, or a calling? If you are satisfied with your work demands, your performance, attendance, and stability remain stellar. If not, your job can cause undue stress and frustration. If you're unhappy try these strategies to boost your morale.

  1. Create new challenges
  2. Mentor a colleague
  3. Expand your skills and learn from mistakes
  4. Add some variety to your schedule and cross train to work in different areas
  5. Know your options in the job market and learn about jobs that are appealing to you
  6. Examine your values about what is important to you
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