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Seeking God

Was there ever a broader topic to bring down to a few words? Waiting for Godot comes to mind. Anything to be gained as insight has to be gained in the part of us that doesn’t think; the part that just sees and understands.

God is a concept in the mind of the beholder that points to a Greater Reality. We would do better to find this God than to seek this God because seeking concepts leads to endless thinking and very little awareness of being. Because consciousness is infinite and can’t be broken into pieces there cannot be a separation between God’s consciousness and ordinary consciousness. So now that you know God as your own consciousness what do you really know? Just this.

Seeking God is an adventure you and God go on together. It is the establishing of relationship based on ‘not-knowing’ throughout eternity so why not just accept it? If you and God are inseparable in consciousness the same is true for everyone else so you are actually meeting god all the time. Maybe we’re not seeking God after all but just trying to get along with God!

Humans seem to argue over everything and we foment conflict as a matter of daily business. Stating that one is trying to avoid conflict is seen as cowardly by some but it is a fine art based on wisdom. There is no need for conflict. After all, why would God want to fight with Himself or Herself or Source of Self Sans Gender? The nature of God is a complete mystery but surely conflict is not a cause célèbre for existence.

Notice Love. It surrounds, penetrates and imbues all consciousness with its fragrance. It is easy to miss love if one is seeking something like God. God doesn’t want to be missed but doesn’t make a big deal out of unconscious humans who insist God is missing, dead or just absent.

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