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Seeking employment, An early prediction and New business terms

Broadcast your ambitions-According to Brad Schepp, author of How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and Google+, “When job hunting, you want to sprinkle your breadcrumbs on the water, and Facebook gives you a much bigger pool of water”.

Yippee! I got hired! Yay!

Here’s a few other tips:

Join groups; not just those related to your work life, but that are also meaningful to you as a whole person (business connections can be made here).
Post about your work-This actually works! I’ve personally have had several interesting opportunities as a result of my blogs (and hope to have many more!). You can also just post a few words, for example, about an event you co-hosted or a website you started.
Look beyond your immediate idea-Not all job markets are the same; case in point: Compare Columbus, Ohio to Youngstown, Ohio’s job rate (it’s a no-brainer). And if you need to travel for a possible relocation, save the receipts-you may be able to deduct the travel expenses!
Keep building up your experience-Volunteer or continue to learn new skills. You can only get better.

A business prediction from early 1997:

Do your own thing” was a catch phrase of the late 1960s. It may be back in vogue in the early 21st century, when more people will be self-employed, predicts Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an employment consultancy.
Challenger Gray says many senior citizens, in better health than their parents were, will take early retirement and then work on their own.
Plus more younger people will set up their own businesses. Teens, growing up in an era when there is a great distrust of employers, would rather be their own bosses.

Two New Business Terms

Tiger team (used as a noun; originally a military term)-A group of specialized experts who can swoop in to fix problems, usually concerning tech or security issues.
Usage: In regard to his considerable leadership skills, Terry wants to add the title of “Tiger Team Supervisor” to his resume.

Cluster funk (used as a noun)-When technology gets bogged down with tons of problems all at the same time.
Usage: Mark created a major cluster funk when he accidentally, but still permanently deleted, half of the essential office documents after he had already accidentally sent them to the recycle bin (or garbage can).

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